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4 months ago Dawid Toton Makefile fixdefault tip
8 months ago Dawid Toton Added tag 0.9 for changeset ac056e910cb8
8 months ago Dawid Toton ocamlbuild plugin to work around problems with calling ocamldoc0.9
8 months ago Dawid Toton TODO note: need to detect clashes
9 months ago Dawid Toton Bugfix
10 months ago Dawid Toton Some more manpage sections recognized
11 months ago Dawid Toton Updated .hgignore - no more jumps for ocamlbuild
16 months ago Dawid Toton QuickCmdlineArgs: include the CA.traditional options in the admonition
16 months ago Dawid Toton Even better auto-program-name
16 months ago Dawid Toton Bugfix
16 months ago Dawid Toton Export admonition; fix auto-program-name
16 months ago Dawid Toton Work around ocamlbuild problem with mllib file
16 months ago Dawid Toton Put some functions for basic CmdlineArgs use to QuickCmdlineArgs
16 months ago Dawid Toton No more ocamlbuild_jump
16 months ago Dawid Toton Optional manual_sections for simple handlers
16 months ago Dawid Toton An extra ?traditional parameter added to simple executors to let us use traditional_enhanced
22 months ago Dawid Toton Show local time in the manpage footer
22 months ago Dawid Toton Make the installation scripts executable
2013-02-06 Dawid Toton Updated the installer
2013-02-06 Dawid Toton Added tag 0.8 for changeset 08a5f8a6ae53
2013-01-28 Dawid Toton Added RealPath option constructors that cure their arguments with realpath0.8
2013-01-03 Dawid Toton Merge
2013-01-01 Dawid Toton Uninstall before install
2012-10-09 Dawid Toton Make "make install" do a reinstall
2012-09-18 Dawid Toton Use installed HLibrary; added dependency info for owideneeds
2012-09-15 Dawid Toton hgignore and clean the new temp*.ml files
2012-09-03 Dawid Toton Merge
2012-09-03 Dawid Toton Removed a note about problem with ocamlbuild
2012-09-03 Dawid Toton Workaround for ocamlbuild failure
2012-08-13 Dawid Toton Updated instructions for native code; a note about ocamlbuild failure
2011-06-23 Dawid Toton Adapt to the new HPath with abstract type
2011-06-18 Dawid Toton Merge
2011-06-18 Dawid Toton A note
2011-06-14 Dawid Toton Merge
2011-06-14 Dawid Toton Removed -libs from ocamlbuild switches for building cma/cmxa
2011-06-09 Dawid Toton A note
2010-11-26 Dawid Toton New value: empty_parsed
2010-11-26 Dawid Toton New function: join_parsed
2010-11-26 Dawid Toton ENVIRONMENT section in manpages
2010-11-08 Dawid Toton Cosmetics
2010-11-04 Dawid Toton Workaround for strange ocamlbuild behaviour
2010-10-22 Dawid Toton Minor doc correction
2010-10-22 Dawid Toton Merge
2010-10-22 Dawid Toton Ideas
2010-10-05 Dawid Toton Added tag 0.7 for changeset 2ac65b3c3df7
2010-10-05 Dawid Toton Minor fixes0.7
2010-10-05 Dawid Toton Packaging helpers
2010-10-21 Dawid Toton Functions for folding options to a record
2010-10-05 Dawid Toton Fix handling of optional parameters
2010-09-22 Dawid Toton Breaking change: more abstract [parsed] data to detect misuses of [recognize]
2010-09-22 Dawid Toton Breaking simplification: now only the summary function deals with titles
2010-09-21 Dawid Toton Let manpage contain EXIT STATUS section
2010-09-13 Dawid Toton Version increment for the 0.6 release
2010-09-13 Dawid Toton Added tag 0.6 for changeset 873441f84a6e
2010-09-13 Dawid Toton Minor doc clarifications0.6
2010-09-13 Dawid Toton Interface documentation completed
2010-09-13 Dawid Toton Clarifications
2010-09-13 Dawid Toton Minor documentation fix
2010-07-30 Dawid Toton Enforce installation dest dir
2010-07-30 Dawid Toton Added tag 0.5 for changeset 6d2ad1ae672f